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Earth Mela 2013

30th Nov. – 1st Dec.
Maharashtra Nature Park (Dharavi)


Based on the UN Theme Food Security & Conservation, a two-day mega-fest full of lectures, workshops, films, photo exhibition, nature walks and many other fun activities.


Beach Clean-Up 

When September (after Ganesh Chaturthi)
Where  Juhu Beach and Girgaum Chowpatty - Mumbai
  • To raise awareness about the negative impact on the environment caused by the immersion of Ganesha idols into the sea.
  • To engage volunteers through active participation to clean up plastics and garbage on the beaches.
          To encourage the use of papier-mache to create Ganeshas.


Beach Clean-Up is an annual activity that has been organized by SPROUTS Envt. Trust for the last 10 years after the immersion of mammoth Plaster of Paris (POP) Ganeshas, which are unfriendly to our seas and have resulted in serious hazards to marine creatures. For one day in September, the beach clean-up and awareness drive is conducted at Girgaum Chowpatty. We conduct the clean-up not only to remove the broken idols which float out of the seas or lie strewn along the coastline, but also to engage more people to be friendly to our seas. Through the beach clean-up, we involve people to help them understand the impact human actions can have on the environment and also realize an alternate eco-friendly way of celebrating the festival.

Over the last few years, nearly 1200 volunteers have united in efforts with SPROUTS Envt. Trust to rid the Juhu beach and Girgaum Chowpatty of debris and litter in an effort to protect the health of the ocean and marine life. To help us with this effort, we have been partnering up with corporates such as the Deutsche Bank, HDFC Bank, Hotel Intercontinental, Bhavan's and Ismail Yusuf Colleges, Hasnat High School and NGOs such as CERE, Aasra, among others.

Beach Clean

Beach Clean-Up 2010

Beach Clean-Up 2012


Earth Mela

When           Beginning of December
Where           Maharashtra Nature Park, Dharavi
  • To help communities understand and appreciate their environment.
  • To celebrate nature and biodiversity.
          To take the conservation movement ahead.

With the intention of creating interest and increasing awareness about the environment, SPROUTS has been conducting an event called Earth Mela for the last few years. It is a two-day event comprising of a range of fun activities aimed at increasing awareness about nature, biodiversity, eco-friendly lifestyle options and conservation action. The Mela consists of entertaining events for people of all ages including a bicycle rally, mini marathon, short film festival, adventure sports arena and photography exhibition. Along with the fun-filled activities, the Earth Mela aims to provide people with an enriching educational experience with events such as nature trails, lectures, poster presentations, various workshops, and more.

The Earth Mela has been featured in  the following newspapers and magazines.:

Afternoon: http://www.afternoondc.in/city-news/miserly-response-from-big-corporates-towards-earth-mela-2010/article_1197

Times of India: http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Default/Scripting/ArticleWin.asp?From=Archive&Source=Page&Skin=TOINEW&BaseHref=TOIM%2F2010%2F04%2F18&PageLabel=4&EntityId=Ar00402&ViewMode=HTML&GZ=T

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Flamingo and Wader Watch

 When  February
 Where  Sewri Bay, Mumbai
  • To observe the flamingos that stay over the winter for four months at Mumbai’s coast.

          To create interest and awareness about the  

          flamingos and waders and their ecological habitat.


SPROUTS has been conducting the Flamingo and Wader Watch for the last five years. These graceful flamingos can be seen feeding at the Sewri mudflats during the winter months and SPROUTS gives people the opportunity to watch them at a close distance. The purpose of this event is to create interest and awareness about these bird species and the environment in general. These flamingos travel from Kutch, Gujarat  to Mumbai creating a primary bird watching attraction in the city. There are many other European wader species which travel to this attraction as the flat delta of the Mahul River provide a perfect feeding habitat for these birds. Along with the flamingos, other bird species that can be seen are the Terns, Purple Heron, Green Shanks, Kingfishers, Egrets, Sandpipers and Kites.


Flamingo and Wader Watch