Upcoming Events


Earth Mela 2013

30th Nov. – 1st Dec.
Maharashtra Nature Park (Dharavi)


Based on the UN Theme Food Security & Conservation, a two-day mega-fest full of lectures, workshops, films, photo exhibition, nature walks and many other fun activities.


Flamingo and Wader Watch

SPROUTS Environment Trust has been conducting the Flamingo and Wader Watch for the last five years to create awareness about the ecological habitat of these birds.

During the winter months graceful flamingos can be seen feeding at the Sewri Bay in Mumbai. These flamingos travel from Kutch, Gujarat to Mumbai creating a primary bird watching attraction in the city. SPROUTS Environment Trust gives people the opportunity to watch and observe them at a close distance.

There are many other European wader species which travel to this attraction as the flat delta of the Mahul River provides a perfect feeding habitat for these birds. Along with the flamingos, bird species such as the Terns, Purple Heron, Green Shanks, Kingfishers, Egrets, Sandpipers and Kites can be seen.

The purpose of this initiative is to create interest and awareness about these bird species, their ecological habitat and the environment in general.

Children from Udaan and Akansksha during the Flamingo

and Wader Watch 2013