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Earth Mela 2013

30th Nov. – 1st Dec.
Maharashtra Nature Park (Dharavi)


Based on the UN Theme Food Security & Conservation, a two-day mega-fest full of lectures, workshops, films, photo exhibition, nature walks and many other fun activities.



SPROUTS Environment Trust is composed of a group of highly qualified and 

motivated professionals, supported by committed and passionate volunteers.

Anand PendharkarAnand PendharkarAnand Pendharkar (Wildlife Biologist and Educator) 

Founder and President

Founder of SPROUTS Environment Trust and an ecologist, who
cares about the environment in its entity. He is a music buff, an
ardent foodie and passionate about travel and photography. He is
the President of SPROUTS which is an outdoors, adventure sports
and wildlife organization and has founded SPROUTS Environment
Trust with the aim of bringing awareness about the environment to
children and youth from low-income communities.

Neelima NagarkarNeelima Nagarkar

Neelima Nagarkar (Socio-Ecologist)

Hon. Treasurer

A social activist and avid ecologist. She loves growing plants,
trekking and nature trails. She has a keen interest in reading and
writing poetry.

 Vikram PawarVikram Pawar

Vikram Pawar (Urban Conservation Architect)
Hon. Secretary

Vikram Pawar is a practicing Urban Conservation Architect and
teacher at KRVI in Juhu. He loves to explore natural and built living
heritages and has a keen interest in the conservation of urban bio
and cultural diversity.

Bharat VakhariaBharat Vakharia

Bharat Vakharia (Entrepreneur)

An entrepreneur in the printing field who has great affection towards
nature and strives hard to support people who are working towards
the betterment of nature. He loves trekking, photography, travelling
to scenic places and organic farming.

Suneil KamathSuneil Kamath

Suneil Kamath (Corporate Trainer and Naturalist)

A corporate trainer and musician with a passion for nature, wildlife,
art, spirituality and the finer things in life. A biker at heart who
believes that there is only one God and that is nature and its five

Nikhil DisoriaNikhil Disoria

Nikhil Disoria (Lecturer of Zoology and Researcher)

A lecturer at Bhavan's College who loves birds, music and spicy
food. An paper mache artist who converts trash into useful things.
Currently pursuing Ph.D from Mumbai University.

Sandeep TalpadeSandeep Talpade

Sandeep Talpade (Geologist, Mountaineer and Photographer)

A professional photographer who is running his own studio. A
mountaineer who has an in-depth knowledge of geology. He treks in
the Himalayas regularly to live his passion for mountains.

Dr.Anita GeorgeDr.Anita George

Dr.Anita George (Professor of Medicine, Physiology)

A bird watching enthusiast who loves animals, trekking, travelling
and more recently, gardening. She has done her M.D. in Physiology
from Grant Medical College and is currently HOD and Professor of
Physiology at a medical college in Kochi, where she lives with her
husband, two cats and a dog.

Astrid RaoAstrid Rao

Astrid Rao (Entrepreneur)

Manager of an eco-friendly guesthouse called Native Place inspired
by the sustainable, ecology conscious homesteads of village India
and co-owner of Nirvana Adventures, a pioneering paragliding
school. She is passionate about writing and author of two blogs.